BE 02:38
Ichi, Ni, San, Shi It’s that they wanna be her She sings that pretty song as she as she wanna be heard She covers herself in a gasoline it’s that she wanna be hurt Did you see her? Ichi, Ni, San, Shi They wanna be They wanna be Ichi, Ni, San, Shi BE BE BE Yeah I saw her telling her story It’s that she wanna be her 永六輔とその世界 And it’s not that anyone heard her story Is anyone hurt? Did anyone hurt in their story? Is anyone hurt? Is anyone heard? Is anyone her? They wanna be They wanna be Ichi, Ni, San, Shi BE Cause I just want you to see BE Demonic high in ceiling BE Angel goodbye to demon They wanna BE Cool
Our world right now is being played by cold blooded reptilians Our world right now is being run by cold blooded reptilians Our world right now is being snaked by cold blooded reptilians Our world right now is being looped by cold blooded reptilians The Question is Will you unchain yourself free? or will you let them BE? Will you let them play us? What will it BE? Huh Who will you BEcome? Or who will let them decide who you will BE? The Fourth Industrial Revolution 第四次産業革命 SHE (SHI) 四天王が問題を問いかける SAMITH 絶対的な神は外には存在しない BE BE BE BE
Be. Be who? Sometimes I think it’s me that is the ‘bad guy’ Billie Eilish was right. Here I am blaming the world, while these reptilians are running it and I am wasting away stuck in my own propaganda, stuck in my own blame 
They tell us to Be someone, Be apart of, Be unique, rhyme BE-fuddled Because Business Became what was meant to Be about the truth, and the truth never sells it’s soul. 
Okay where am I, Is this planet earth, Just leave me BE, Is someone watching me. Sometimes It feels like I’m pinned to plaque and there’s these beings walking past, staring at Earth’s memorabilia examining all that went went psychedelia … I thought i’d be in a dark room, loud tunes looking to make a vow soon but the information was censored, and in tact enter my brain went wild from nano particles but Like magazine articles that taught ‘you wanna Be .. the women all the guys wanna fuck and the internet girls wanna BE.’ BE? Be, be? Who did I want to be? That’s right, as a child, I wanted to be. And So i still keep the promise to the flower on the sill, where i feel that the write should be spoken for the right reasons, RHYME this is my last time. This BE my last soliloquy. This is the end four, RHYME you’ve been a good girl, angel white in your fresh ironed dress. ::: We have waited too long, watching you suffer, not being watched. And that was the deal, we told you you would have your attention in trade for your soul.-felction. But you wanted to tell the truth, you didn’t want to show off the cools dripping diamond skin, we can dress you, media press your sins. These are the dark ages and we can’t have a fighter, you follow our rules or you’ll be hided. But looooooook hovering now are you, rope chained over the earth’s view. And this will be your last soliloquy, as we, the four, reptilian lords, need to make sure you will not tell the people what is important, music… poetry… what a wack funny thing you humans made up. Don’t you hear! that’s why we went in on fear, and planted the seed in your industry to comb the masses with immorally. Look at the stars, see, this is your last round, and get ready a welcome to the tank of snakes sound.
<band practice> RHYME: BEEEEE. that was a god take, J what you think? J: *RHYME * Parsaltongue**** RHYME: okay okay slap, more space less earth, i get it, we trying to sell some SOULLLLLS here on tour yeah! and cause you know you lizards love human souls so much ha ha ha… ok Let’s run it again…. <band practice resumes then disrupts> RHYME: Wait wait wait… A where are you? A: **Parsaltongue…. <phone beeps> RHYME: ahhhh....ok. Alright Y, A, J, H let’s do this!!! <band practice resumes>


"Welcome to my collection of 4 BE's to question the current narrative and ways that the reptilians want her to BE. Breaking out of the mind prison, remembering the hurt, remembering we are heard, remembering her. Mother Earth."
BE is The story of a girl on planet earth
searching to belong and be apart of, to vibe, scribe.
It could be the story of someone wanting to
unsubscribe from this Reptile world
and find her warm blood.
Is She Billie Eilish?
BE is also the Prelude to RHYME’s
upcoming opus exorcism ‘YAJH’

The animal of snake, lizard, fish
head, ouroboros is pinned to a plaque. The Plaque is
hanging in a different planet’s
dimensional museum. Showcasing Planet Earth
and its specimens.
The Four Lizards (RHYME’S BAND) also
symbolizes the 四天王 SHITENNŌ; Four Heavenly
Guardians of the Four Compass Directions,
Four Celestial Guardians, 4 Protectors of the Nation, 4 Lords of Dharma (Buddhist Law),
Four Keepers of the World (Gose Shitennō)
The song is Distinctively RHYME with a rock and blues bop to it.
The visuals mixed with the song portray a
ritualistic vibe, a mysterious and floaty cyber punk
atmosphere whilst entertaining word play and
Japanese counting.
In a playful nod to Blondie’s iconic cover art for “Atomic”, RHYME will also BE releasing a limited edition tour t-shirt featuring her
lizard band.


released February 1, 2021

The enticing visual is made by Ben Lam (BLAM) A talented Malaysian Animator and Artist based
in Los Angeles.
The song was produced by RHYME (also on the Saxophone) as well as long time collaborator Alvin Anthony (NYC)
then mixed down in Tokyo and mastered by RHYME SO.


all rights reserved



RHYME Tokyo, Japan

chameleonic, your muse.

spoken word

experimental poetry



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